Moon the Whitehouse! Or Not!

Those infamous herders of Goats, Jon and Phillip, along with legal beagle Jeff are raising money to moon the White House. Or not. I might not agree with the specifics of the plan, but it's nice to see webtoonists taking it to the streets.

2010 UPDATE: Moon the White is now some crazy Japanese site. 

From the website:

As a bunch of Average Americans living from paycheck to paycheck, we feel frustrated that our President is spending more of his time restricting the fundamental rights that our nation is founded on than fixing the economic woes we face. And, as Average Americans, we're doing what any red-blooded patriot would do when things seem their darkest — we're Mooning.

We think that Mooning The White House is a powerful example of political speech, protected by our cherished First Amendment, that will send a message to President Bush and his pals. The message: get your priorities straight, bub. America is about freedom, not about blindly following the lead of a corrupt and inbred executive branch. Bub.

Our votes may not count, but our butts will. Help us reach the White House by donating a dollar or more to the cause.


Xaviar Xerexes

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