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Over at Comixpedia, an intriguing and surprisingly complete picture of The Comics Blogosphere.

Alan David Doane has a wonderful blog – he interviews a range of interesting comic figures (his 5 Questions posts) and link-checks a few interesting stories almost everyday. I’m glad he approved of the article here – I quoted him a few times in it. Doane used to manage/edit Comic Book Galaxy – a reviews site that has stopped publication. Still I think it had a good 3+ year run. It’s a huge effort to sustain a group project overtime when it’s a project for love and not money. Doane obviously has a lot of energy and perserverence. Plus he’s a lively writer – ADD is worth checking out regularly.

The Hurting catches the Comixpedia Comics Blogosphere article too. That’s good – if The Hurt is to become the The BIG Hurt and replace Journalista! as the center of the ‘Sphere it would be good if it expands its coverage of webcomics and comics online (those last two terms work well with Google News search by the way). It’s been a few more days of blogging for TIm and it continues to be a good round-up of links.


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