More on PV Comics Move From Subscription to Free and New Print Projects

As of this month, all online content at PV Comics, hundreds of pages of comics, is going to be free for all visitors to the website in a push towards taking their highly successful, creator-owned properties to the print world.

Why the change?

“We get e-mails every week from people who ask when they will be able to buy our web properties in book form. A smart business listens to its customers.” Says Nate Piekos, creator of ATLAND at PV Comics, and founder of Blambot Comic Fonts. “We tested the waters with our print anthologies and taking this next step into full ‘print mode’ is the logical progression that will keep us growing, and reach a world of fans we haven’t touched yet. And to celebrate, we’re going to make all of our online comics completely free to visitors.”

PV plans to continue and expand their monthly flow of online comics. “We’re not going to peter-out on the web content, either. We’re increasing our workloads to include the print portion of the business.”

“We haven’t forgotten all the loyal fans who’ve paid for online subscriptions. We’re going to give current subscribers a choice: A refund of their remaining time, or a free subscription to all PV books for that same duration. It’s not only fair compensation for their hard earned money and faith in us, it’s a nice bonus on top of that.”

PV’s books will include titles with new, non-web material like Matt Johnson’s DEWCLAW and Jay McCleod’s MIGRAYN as well as collections of Piekos’ own weekly ATLAND strips. The PV crew also plans to continue with their successful flagship anthology series, VOID featuring new pieces from the staff. Books will be solicited through Diamond to your local comic shops, and thereafter available for mail-order purchase online at


Xaviar Xerexes

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