More Webcomics Coming From Avatar Press

Excerpted from Newsarama coverage of the Avatar Press panel at the FX International Show:

[Editor-in-Chief William] Christensen indicated that Avatar is planning to follow-up FreakAngels with other web projects. He couldn’t leak it yet, saying that they wanted to make sure they had enough inventory so they can debut it with a lot of issues in the can. They handle web comics differently, as they actually pay all the talent involve. So they aren’t going to switch over to doing all the comics as webcomics, since finances would never permit it. Freak Angels has obviously worked well, but they aren’t going to flood the webcomic market. Avatar will launch something later this year. Christensen said that they do have tens of thousands of fans reading the webcomic every week, but the finances behind it are still a little untested.


Xaviar Xerexes

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