1. For me, it just another “Webcomics to Add” on my mental todo list.

  2. It’s not news until you’ve gone six months.

    And maybe starting with two guys sitting on a couch playing video games was not your best plan.

  3. I haven’t figured out how I want to show topics in this new layout so it’s not obvious that this is a “rookies” post – which has always been a category about new artists and new webcomics.

  4. Yeah, nothing personal against Motivationally Challenged, but a new first episode of a webcomic by someone we don’t know, with no twist or particularly novel approach, is not exactly news at this point.

    And I gotta say, the title makes me worry about its ability to reach that six-month mark.

  5. Your panels are… very far apart. I honestly thought it was a one-panel comic until I noticed the scrollbar. I very nearly left before noticing that. Why are the panels so huge? They could be shrunk smaller without losing much.

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