Movie Comics

Movie Comics is about movies. More specifically, Movie Comics is about the rage you feel when a movie is disappointing or just plain sucks, when an actor turns in a lousy performance, when television is feeding the public particularly awful crap, or when a movie creator sells out his vision (this last is more generally known as "making a sequel").

The cast is led by David Breen, aka "Mr. Furious" (a character as well as the writer and artist) and "Breezebringer," the alter ego of Salvador Garcia, who periodically gets a byline ("What does he do?"). However, it appears that as of December, Garcia and Breen are no longer working together and the fate of the Breezebringer character is uncertain. In the meantime, David Breen shares the byline with Natasha Breen.

The art is cartoony, with the thick outlines currently popular on Cartoon Network, and every installment is in full color – not quite all primary colors, but still bright and vibrant. The shading is fairly accomplished, the proportions are solid, the backgrounds are always present (often with movie posters plastered across them), and the overall effect equates to a good sense of actual space. The famous actors portrayed are not particularly identifiable, so the jokes rely on the reader to recognize the context, the hint (like a shaggy-haired man with a blue face to represent Mel Gibson), or their identities are given away in the title.

The writing ranges from really funny (especially in the first few strips like "Memento", "Resident Evil", "Lord of the Rings", and "Batman") to violent and cranky ("Making of Tomb Raider 2", "Frailty", "Who would YOU fight?") to amusingly cruel ("Wizard of Oz"). The primary focus of the humor may be bad media, but another common target is the cost and annoyances involved with going to the movies. As is usual for the webcomic medium, politics and Internet addiction show up as topics on occasion, too.

On one level, Movie Comics is a standard low-brow humor webcomic for boys, where the jokes range from violent to tasteless and the women are annoying. On another level, it's funny as hell to vent bad movie frustration vicariously through all the very WRONG ways they find to do it.

Posting is fairly consistent (nearly daily at the beginning, but listed on the site as tri-weekly now). The archives start from March 1st 2002 and run through to the present, with nearly two hundred strips available for your perusal.

If you like the sick and twisted, if you are really into movies, and if you don't mind rude and raunchy commentary, you might enjoy Movie Comics. If you are easily offended, particularly by extreme youthful obnoxiousness and behavior that could be called racist, sexist, and homophobic, then you should probably avoid this comic.