1. Movie Comics is such an unapologetic rip-off of Penny-Arcade that it doesn’t even merit getting a news post.

    These assholes have been spitting in Gabe and Tycho’s face with this comic strip for way too long and I’m glad they’re ending it.

    It’s time for these cats to come up with thier own original strip.

  2. checks date of earliest comic after reading comment on main page of Movie Comics: Really… the first strip was published in March of 2002? Last strip.. December 15th 2003. πŸ˜›

    Quotes from main page: I’m sorry to disappoint all the die-hard fans, but I can’t continue doing this forever. It has come to a point where I no longer find the joy I once had in making comics. Sure, if MC had taken off and I was making a living off it like many comics have done, it would be another story. But that didn’t happen, so I need to move on, go to college and get a life

    *** So why is it that everyone thinks that they’re going to make a living off an online comic strip in under two years. πŸ˜› And many comics make a living off their work …. like.. what.. four?!

    Excuse me a moment. I rarely do this,… and I actually rather liked some of Movie Comics work,…

    Nah,.. nevermind. πŸ˜›

  3. Man… I’m sure going to miss Penny Arcade.

    Wait… what? What is Movie Comics?

  4. Movie Comics will be missed everywhere by naΓ―ve, clueless assclowns who find words like “ghey” hilarious, because they’re ten years old.
    Oh, but really, comics like this have made me realize once and for all that the internet is the worst place ever, and the only reason I still haven’t left must be because I hate myself. I have Movie Comics to thank for this psychological breakthrough. Now I can try and begin the healing.
    Seriously, though, fuck Comixpedia for giving this comic the amount of press it has, you fucking motherfucking fuckers. Oh yeah, and Merry Christmas! =D

    -josh l.

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