Musicslu Model for Pre-Selling Webcomics?

Musicslu is a website that provides a handy solution for pre-selling an album of music.  It’s nothing magic — get a bunch of fans to pre-commit to a certain amount of cash and once that number is reached everyone pays in.  Artist makes some income, fans get new stuff, nasty pirate type issues avoided.

At first it struck me that this site might provide a model to make it easier for more comic creators to pre-sell books based on their comics but as I noodled over it I wonder if this kind of approach might be a way to make it more feasible to sell webcomics over the web.  Here’s how it could work.  First – this doesn’t replace the values of free webcomics — you couldn’t pursue this approach without already having webcomics out there for free (with the possible exception for those artists already famous).  But if you wanted to start a second project online this might be the way to see if there’s sufficient interest from your fans to devote the time to it.


Xaviar Xerexes

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