My Home Computer Hard Drive Died… :(

If I haven't done something or responded or… have patience with me – my hard drive went bad this week and I was on the phone with Dell all day yesterday. A new one is coming early next week and luckily the only files I lost were some Itunes store music files I forgot to back up (still a little pissed about that though!). But without that computer I can't really do as much online.

Btw this is like the third hd to die on me from Dell since I bought the XPS in 2003. That's a horrible track record isn't it? In any event I plunked down some cash on the phone yesterday for a second drive so I could set them up as a RAID array – I think that would mean both drives would have to fail to lose data again. (Does anyone want to tell me other options…) I was on the phone longer getting Dell to replace the bad drive with a drive from a different manufacturer – they finally said they would so hopefully that's what shows up in the delivery box.


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