My New News-Fu Is Unstoppable

Lots of interesting flotsam this morning in the webcomics world. Ninth Art has an essay on the recent flap over Wizard World’s Walmart-like tactics against Heroes Con.

I’m not entirely sure of the mechanics of this but Gobstopped appears to be a way to get webcomics on your mobile phone in the UK.

I spotted a new webcomics-focused blog today, The Webcomicker, written by Gilead Pellaeon. The most recent entry recommends Starshift Crisis by Kris Straub as a means to fill the hole in the hearts of Star Trek fans. Another interesting blog is by Shawn Hoke, who is reviewing mini-comics on his blog, Size Matters.

T Campbell continues to work on revising his History of Webcomics series for publication in book form. Right now he’s working on “the money chapter” and asks some questions on his blog you might be able to give him some comments/corrections on.

The NY Times has an interesting article on architecture in comics.

And in not-webcomic news, the Pulse has an interesting interview with the executive producer of the Batman movie series, including the most recent Batman Begins. It looks like this producer is involved with the efforts to bring The Spirit and Shazam! to the screen as well.


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