NarboniCon Promises High Levels of Evil in MN

In celebration of the third birthday of Narbonic, by Shaenon K. Garrity, an unparalleled gathering of fans of evil science will take place in Bloomington, MN, on August 2-3. Ms. Garrity herself will preside over NarboniCon, which promises to be a weekend of plotting, tinkering, and manic laughter. Garrity will be joined by fellow cartoonists Jason Furness (Pixelated), Amber “glych” Greenlee (No Stereotypes), and Dirk Tiede (Paradigm Shift), and a host of henchmen, test subjects, and would-be evil interns.

Asked about the inspiration for this potentially dangerous gathering, Con Overlord Kellie Hultgren said, “Why not?” and giggled ominously. A quick glance at the Official NarboniCon Web site yielded the answer, “Because it’s good to worship Evil genius.” Local authorities did not respond to phone calls or e-mail, but an anonymous source noted that “they’re keeping a close eye on that nest of crazed weasels.” No gerbils were available for comment.

Activities planned for the weekend include signings, informal panels, a talk by a former staff member of the Museum of Questionable Medical Devices and a tour of the devices currently on display, and Sunday brunch at Hell’s Kitchen, a Minneapolis restaurant inspired by the work of Ralph Steadman. Side trips to Dreamhaven Books, Uncle Hugo’s Science Fiction Bookstore, and local temple of consumerism the Mall of America are also likely.

Registration for NarboniCon is now open. The suggested donation for con attendance, which will go directly to the cost of Cartoonist import, is $15. Con staff has kindly offered to host visitors for free (in private homes) on a first-come, first-served basis, though the Management reminds guests that it assumes no responsibility for harm sustained in investigation of hosts’ labs. Registration forms, contacts, and hotel information are available at the Web site. “Again, why not?” said Hultgren. “Join us, or face the wrath of pure, sleep-deprived, caffeinated Evil!”