New Comic Strip at

This is a belated announcement of the newest comic strip at, Spade Phillips, P.I.. Matt Kowalski’s Spade Phillips, P.I., like Clay Welch’s Kozy K, were comics page neighbors of Thomas Deeny’s Planet Earth (and other tourist traps) in its original run in The Texas A&M Battalion. Now, after several years of the strip’s completion , all three years of Spade Phillips, P.I. strip will be collected online.

Spade Phillips, P.I. features a drunken private investigator, his illegitimate twin sons, a talking duck that was introduced in a misguided attempt at making the strip “family friendly”, and the girl next door. Occasionally, they solve crimes.

Very, very occasionally.

Spade Phillips, P.I. will be updated every weekday, following the original schedule it was published under.