New Daily Webcomic Coming From Shaenon K. Garrity

New webcomic from Shaenon K. Garrity! I have no details to add to this excerpt from an interview with Shaenon Garrity and her husband Andrew Farago:

I’m writing a couple of weekly webcomics, and Li’l Mell, and rerunning my daily strip, Narbonic, with commentary. The fifth print volume of Narbonic will be available very soon, and may even be available by the time you read this interview. Oh, and I’ll be launching a new daily webcomic at the end of the month. I’m drawing the first strips now, so I’m pretty busy. If you want to check out my various projects, I’ve got a lot of links at my website, (That’s right, none of the other Shaenons jumped in and grabbed that sweet URL.)


Xaviar Xerexes

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