New Graphic Novel Review Issue Out

GNR is out – this month includes a review from Comixpedia’s Kelly J Cooper.

(from the press release – )

The Graphic Novel Review takes a tour through time this month, beginning in ancient Rome and traveling a thousand years into Earth’s future.

We begin with Tom Spurgeon’s fascinating pre-election interview with Peter Kuper
about Kuper’s two latest books, the political parable Sticks and Stones, and
his adaptation of Upton Sinclair’s 1906 expose, The Jungle.

Joey Manley steps into the 1920s for an intimate look at the first collected volume of Seth’s long-running Clyde Fans.

Matt Kindt’s 2 Sisters carries reviewer Mark Campos across several centuries before settling in for a World War II era spy thriller.

And Kelly Cooper jumps far into the future, for a look at Rod Espinosa’s epic sci-fi/fantasy adventure, Neotopia.

Plus reviews of Peter David’s Fallen Angel, Eric Drooker’s Flood!, and CLAMP’s XXXHolic Vol. 3.


Xaviar Xerexes

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