New Hutch Owen Collection Available

Tom Hart has a new print collection of Hutch Owen entitled “Unmarketable” available. Published by Top Shelf, the book is available in bookstores (including online sites Amazon, B&N and Powells) or you can order directly from Top Shelf.

The Comics Journal said: “Owen is the consummate outsider…” Hicksville creator Dylan Horrocks described him as ‘a prophet, a socio-political saboteur… hilariously funny. He’s the hero we all immediately recognize and desperately need.’

Tom Hart will also be on a tour for the new book visiting the East Coast in March (Boston, Rhode Island, New York, Washington DC).

Hutch Owen: Unmarketable is the first Hutch Owen collection in four years, and this volume presents four distinct new chapters in Hart’s mythology of a hobo with a conscience and his rival, the giddy and dangerous CEO, Dennis Worner.

Unmarketable opens with “Aristotle”, in which Hutch finds himself a model for Worner’s underachieving underlings.

Acting as the book’s centerpiece is the 93 page “Public Relations.” Exploring our commercial goals in the post-9-11 world, Hart completed this story at the pace of one page per week soon after the attacks in New York City. As with most of Hart’s Hutch Owen material, “Public Relations” examines social context in an anti-social America, and asks complex questions while looking for laughter.

“The Future” is a loose and swift story about an imagined, dark Hutch Owen futuristic hell. This unique story in presented in this volume on newsprint as a cushion between the heavier “Public Relations” and the 5 closing short pieces that close the book, many of which are seeing print for the first time in English here.

11 years after his birth in “Hutch Owen’s Working Hard”, and 4 years after The Collected Hutch Owen, Hart’s Hutch Owen has never been more relevant, more prescient, or more a needed salve from an abrasive, coarse world.

Tom Hart’s is also the editor of the avant-garde web anthology,, and is a contributor to Nickelodeon magazine, Pulse!, Star Wars Kids, and DC’s Bizzaro. He continues his Hutch Owen stories at

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