New Issue of The Comics Journal

Flipping through the pages of this issue: an article on the recently announced ICAA, International Comics Arts Association which turns out to be the brainchild of three guys in Illinois. It’s a long story, listing all of the plans made by the principal guy and noting that it’s just a few guys but not really weighing in on the potential disconnect between the promise of it and the reality of it today, just after its launch. A disappointing article that mostly reads as a press release for ICAA.

A brief article on the annual meeting of the American Editorial Cartoonists Association. Is there no more tired sub-genre of comic than the American editorial cartoon. What other art form so timidly sticks to 18th century forms and label and conceits as this one does?

A short mention that IDT, a telecommunications company has bought up a bunch of comic and animation companies recently. Weird.

TCJ digs up the now ancient Micah Wright scandal story. Wright is quoted, not surprisingly, as expressing a desire that TCJ not mention the story at all.

All in all TCJ should seriously consider ditching its news roundup and resurrecting some sort of blog or news dept. online where it could report daily or weekly on stories when they’re still current. Maybe it could limit it to subscribers but at least it would be relevent. Having read 3 issues now I have to say that LOTS of the news stories in TCJ are old and/or not interesting enough to read through the lengthy space they give to them.

Massive interviews in it. One with Jay Hosler and one with Phoebe Gloeckner. Get to them later.

And Goats ad on page 91. Full page, full color one. Cool.


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