New Life On Pause Webcomic

Life On Pause by Don Oskowski follows the lives of four mid-twenty friends, whom all have their lives on pause.

The creator, Don Oskowski is interested in feedback. So please give LOP the once over and let me now what you think and perhaps come on back if you like what you read and see.

More about LOP: Mike is a High Scool graduate who has no time to think about life, because he’s too busy living it. Or so he thinks. Jeff is a college drop out, if one week of college counts, then he’s a college drop out. He has one single plan in life, get rich fast. He never has said that there was much to the plan or that it was a good plan, but a plan none the less. Samantha is a “plain Jane” type of girl. Not quite ready to get her life in order, she’s willing to stop and smell the roses…thats what she calls it, most call it slacking. Then there is Kit. She’s got it going on, just not in her life. She won best dressed and most sociable in high school. That still hasn’t changed. She holds on to those titles, like a guy holds on to winning the state high school championship football game. It’s all she’s got, but its hers and that all that matters.