New things afoot at Filthy Lies

Filthy Lies unveils a new website design in preparation for its 50th comic this Wednesday. The new design includes a totally new way to handle and update comics designed for the independent webcartoonist!

Filthy Lies has been around since August — first on Keenspace, and then on Bald Rocket Hosting, utilizing the autokeenlite technology worked up by Darren “Gav” Bluel of Keenspot to help out aspiring web cartoonists.

The next logical step was to get something customized to the comic format without resorting to ‘on the fly’ scripts. And so Coranto, a popular blogging and news publishing software was adapted by Hal Bergman for the needs of webcomics and the end results are there to see.

As a webcartoonist with the programming and webdesign skills of a retarded monkey, finding a small, resonable web hosting firm was a godsend. And with the new backend tech that Hal built, I’m finally satisfied with my comic’s home. One of the worst things about an online comic is finding a way to put it up that makes both you and the readers happy. Keenspace is great, but glutted with so many comics it’s hard to get attention when you need it. Most cheap hosting sites provide no support to go with their prices.