New Webcomic Elasia May Be A Big Deal Soon – Get In On It Early.

Once Upon A Time in Elasia by Jason Briggs is just starting but it may be something big. The art is top-notch, not only is Briggs skilled but he’s clearly worked out in advance a lot of details about the world he’s creating. Second, the story, while still mysterious, has a decent pace and he has managed to drop a ton of hints as to the contours of this strange but familar place that I hope he pulls together in a satisfying way.

In a nutshell, so far the strip focuses on a young girl who raps/beatboxes for money in a poor Mexican town just south of the border. Her grandfather (father?) was a fighter and enforcer for a crime syndicate. He may be dead now. There’s a wild mix of asian, latin, slightly science-fiction-ish influences going on in the tale.


Xaviar Xerexes

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