New Webcomics Examiner Plus NEWS NEWS NEWS!!!

Out on your virtual newsstand – a new edition of the Webcomics Examiner featuring “The Best Webcomics of 2005” and Part 2 of “The Artistic History of Webcomics”, a rountable with T Campbell, Shaenon Garrity, William G., Phil Kahn, Bob Stevenson, Eric Burns, Wednesday White, A. G. Hopkins, Rob Balder, Tim Godek, Zabel, Alexander and Brandy Danner.

Quick Hits!

Lee Adam Herold’s Chopping Block is back with a new story (and a different art style).

Power restored to whichever one of those Dakotas houses Keenspot World HQ and Chris Crosby returns to updating Superosity and Sore Thumbs.

The Queen’s Land, late of the late Gutterfly Comix site, has moved to the free webcomic host, Smack Jeeves and resumed updates.

Eric Burns weighs in on the recent Questionable Content storyline with an extra-biscuity biscuit. I’ve been impressed with QC all year really. It’s a fantastic strip and Jeph Jacques just gets better every month. EVERY MONTH!

Christmas at Blocksberg, a seasonal fantasy tale, begins today at Chronicles of the Witch Queen, with art by Daniel Østvold and writing by Geir Strøm.

Webcomic pioneers John Barber and Brendan Cahill are in cahoots at Marvel in bringing forth a new Cahill-penned comicbook called Sable & Fortune. CBR has an interview with Cahill.

Super-reporter Jen Contino has an interview with David Alvarez, creator of Yenny.