New WordPress Webcomic Theme

Publish your webcomic with WordPress using the new ComicPress Theme.

Many of you may already use WordPress for your blogs or news sites or even some of the webcomic groups use it on their main page. Using it for publishing your webcomic is a different story and hard to find support or solutions that fit your needs.

In pursuit of publishing my own comic with WordPress I’ve created a theme that meets the basic needs of most webcomics. In this pursuit I’ve talked to several other webcomic creators that were interested in publishing a webcomic with WordPress so I’m sharing my efforts with everyone.

I’ve created the theme its own site which you can find here… ComicPress Theme.

WordPress, in addition to being a popular and well supported news posting system, has many features a webcomic can take advantage of including a feature rich archiving system, RSS feeds, blog search engine pinging, a strip comments system and even a search option. DJ Coffman has also recommended using it in his Webcomic$ feature.

So download it and try it out. I’ll be adding some tips on customizing it, including making it so that future strips are not able to be called up. If nothing else it might be a starting point in developing your own theme to meet your own needs if publishing your webcomic with WordPress has been a goal of yours too.