New York Times Website Covers Penny Arcade

The NY Times has a feature on Tycho & Gabe today. I love their attempts to describe Penny Arcade in family-friendly language:

The site displays a fresh three- or four-panel comic strip three times a week. The strips usually feature the authors’ alter egos, Gabriel and Tycho, who exist in a slightly surreal world where obsolete electronic components are drunk, vulgarity and cartoon violence run rampant, vegan damned souls roam and debates about whether the newest video game is awesome or overblown become a matter of life or death. In other words, it’s the world of a typical video game fan.

And there is actually quite a good discussion of how Penny Arcade’s silent partner, business manager Robert Khoo, has made the enterprise profitable enough to support them all.


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  1. As a sidenote, this was on Slashdot today:

    While normally we don’t do this sort of thing, recent charity work with Child’s Play has substantially increased the bandwidth demands over at Penny Arcade. So to help Gabe & Tycho keep the site running slightly faster than snails-pace, we’re helping host their seasonal holiday strip series “The Last Christmas”. The cover and the first page are attached to this story (future pages in coming days), so read on and enjoy until we hit our bandwidth limits! (Warning: Comic may contain Cthulhu)

    So the site notorious for consuming other people’s bandwidth has the potential to be wanged by the large amount of Penny Arcade fans? It’s both cool and mildly ironic. 😀

  2. Mr. Krahulik said. He wrote, Mr. Holkins illustrated,

    Quite a good article, though.

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