News for April 1, 2003

Dateline: April 1, 2003
All the News That Fits!

  • Keenspot Servers Rated #1 by J.D. Power & Associates
  • Everyone Agrees with Latest Scott Kurtz Rant
  • Buddy Cop Movie: Serialize This! to feature Joey Manley & Chris Crosby
  • Carson Fire Has Completely Glitch-free Week
  • Eight Announces His Return to Road Waffles: Death of All Main Characters Just a Dream the Squirrel Had in the Shower.
  • Tang Changes Direction with new Cute Fluffy Bunnies and Ponies webcomic.


War in Iraq Validates Sprite Comic

Daniel Bergmann, creator of the sprite-based webcomic ChocoBot, believes the tensions brought on by the military action in Iraq not only justify his creation, but deem it necessary.

"Let's face it," Bergmann noted, "The world desperately needs heroes right now, and there are no greater heroes than ChocoBot the Robot Chocobo and his merry band of woodland friends. And Cammy from Street Fighter."

While Bergmann will not directly mention the war in his webcomic, he plans to combat terrorism via the parody character Osonic bin Hedgehog.


Bruno and Bruno the Bandit Mini-series

Ian McDonald and Christopher Baldwin announced plans to feature a cross-over storyline in the near future. Bruno, the neurotic writer, will imagine Bruno, the anachronistic bandit, into scenes of the new novel she is writing. Like a cheap harlequin romance novel (or the movie Somewhere in Time), Bruno will leap from the pages to win Bruno's heart.

After the series, Baldwin plans to shift the focus of his Bruno strip to a gag-a-day comic and do away with the strip's extensive background artwork. "I want people to be happy. Oblivious and happy. Oblivious and happy sheep… wait, no. Just happy. Yes. Happy."


Sinfest No More: Go In Peace to Serve

Tatsuya Ishida announced in his latest Keenspot Newsbox for Sinfest that he has become a born again christian and as such the comic strip will now solely feature his characters Dog and Cat.


Is that a Rocket in Your Box or Are You Just Happy to See me?

After completing a ten step program, Barry T. Smith, creator of Angst Technology recently renounced all forms of gaming and caffeine.

He than exploded.


Shocking Expose on Greg Dean!

Greg Dean the creator of the comic strip Real Life admits, "Yeah, sometimes I just make s@$t up."


Mike Leffel Named Most Prolific Cartoonist of his Generation

After producing two daily comic strips (Owlie and Fat Jesus) for six years without missing a day, Mike Leffel recently took his first break, but only for a solitary Saturday. "I have to get back to work – can't let my fans twist slowly in the wind waiting for an update like some other cartoonists I won't mention."

"I only wish I was as consistent as Mike Leffel," said Chris Crosby. "Sure my strip, Superosity, has run for four years straight without missing a day but Leffel's like a god. Or like Alf. But really, what's the difference?"


Bizzleman7 Announces New Webcomic

Bizzleman7, the creator of the widely acclaimed webcomic about Mohammed Ali and his pet camel, When We Were Kings, announced his plans for a new hip-hop inspired webcomic to be called Schnizzle, Dizzle, It's All About the Bah-fizzle.

Scott McCloud immediately praised it as a classic. "Incorporating gangsta rap imagery into webcomics is the next natural step in reinventing comics. I've always thought the infinite canvas would be necessary to portray the complexities of musical personas such as Busta Rhymes and Redman."








Still reading? Okay you got us – April Fools! Our (real) April issue hits the website next Monday, April 7th.


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  1. Dang.. and I was hoping that Sinfest one was true :o)

  2. its not such a reach.. I know SEVERAL folks who were way out there who did accept the Gift and now they have just as much fun and frolic as before.. me among them…

  3. I’m sure that’s true.

    The story is/was an April Fool’s joke. I hope no one takes it as a commentary on born again christianity.

    Or Sinfest 🙂

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