Nominations Due For The Sixth Annual Weblog Awards

You can now submit your nominations for the 2006 Bloggies. The finalists will be announced on Friday, January 20 when voting will begin.

This year, help webcomic blogs be better represented!

Nominations close at 10:00 PM Eastern Standard Time (GMT-5) on Tuesday, January 10, 2005! You’ve got less then 24 hours — so get nominating.

  • The contest is open to any weblogs that existed for a period of time during the year 2005, so weblogs that were discontinued during 2005 are also eligible.
  • You may nominate your own weblog, but the total nominations for your own weblog must be less than one third of your total (legitimate) nominations.
  • Only one nomination form and one finalist voting form may be submitted per person.

In addition to nominations for regional blogs ( Australian or New Zealand, Asian, African or Middle Eastern, European, British or Irish, Latin American, Canadian, American ) you might give some thought to webcomic blogs in the following categories:

*Best Tagline of a Weblog
*Best Podcast of a Weblog
*Best Entertainment Weblog
*Best Weblog About Politics
*Best Topical Weblog
*Most Humorous Weblog
*Best Writing of a Weblog
*Best Group Weblog
*Best Community Weblog
*Best-Designed Weblog
*Best-Kept-Secret Weblog
*Best New Weblog

Feel free to post in the comments suggestions for people who aren’t sure who to nominate for all of the above categories.


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  1. Some suggestions for folks who don’t know who to nominate for some of the categories:

    Best Podcast of a Weblog — Digital Strips
    Best Entertainment Weblog — Good category for webcomics
    Best Weblog About Politics — Some webcomics have political commentary
    Best Topical Weblog — Some webcomics are on a very specific topic
    Most Humorous Weblog — Good category for webcomics
    Best Writing of a Weblog — I’d say Websnark here… but Eric needs to be more concise… 😉
    Best Group Weblog — It’s a stretch, but you could say The Webcomics Examiner is a kind of blog.
    Best Community Weblog — Hey, why not nominate Comixpedia for this one?!
    Best-Designed Weblog — Don’t forget this category, lots of webcomics blogs are nicely designed.
    Best-Kept-Secret Weblog — Good category for webcomics, including YOURS
    Best New Weblog — New Webcomics are a good choice for this category

    And when you’re thinking about who you know that has a Web Development Weblog… 😉

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