Nothing Better

I didn’t think I would like Nothing Better by Tyler Page when I first looked at it. Freshman at college featuring the overdone and usually uninteresting "coming of age" story? Plus it’s got a art style that is vaguely animation, vaguely manga that I’m not generally fond of. So what won me over and got me to read 9 chapters of archives (he has since started Chapter 10)? Story. Page tells a good story, with believable, likable, and complex characters dealing with life, interpersonal interaction, their pasts and, of course, college. What really sticks out is Page’s balanced treatment of religious belief. The story takes place at a Christian college in the midwest. One protagonist is a believer, questioning her faith/practive, while the other is non-believer questioning spirituality. Page manages to never come down on belief or non-belief or any kind of dogma. It’s a testament to Page’s writing that I have no idea what his personal beliefs are. Nothing Better seems to be a real investigation of belief wrapped in a entertaining story. You can even buy a print Volume 1 (Chapters 1-7).


Derik Badman

Derik A Badman is a web developer (for Springshare, Inc) and comics artist/critic living in the suburbs of Philadelphia, PA with his wife and two cats. His comics are often abstract or poetic in nature, frequently drawing from appropriated sources.