O Webcomic!, My Webcomic!

World Famous Comics has an interview with Brian Babendererde, the creator of Soul Chaser Betty.

Ping Teo threatens more frequent updates for her webcomic The Longest Sojourn.  TLS is a "satirical epic fantasy" – worth checking out if you haven’t before.

Tom Spurgeon asks a bunch of rhetorical questions about comics writ large at the end of 2008.  One is aout webcomics:

8. Why Is The Fact That A Few People Are Making That Kind Of Money On Webcomics Not A Bigger Story?

If you’ve been to a webcomics panel recently, a lot of the discussion seems to revolve around making money off of one’s efforts on-line. Clearly, the vast majority of people still don’t. Many people never will. But a handful of those involved in this aspect of comics reportedly see middle class revenues roll in by creating enough attention through their free offerings to drive business to merchandising, licensing and even publishing. I’m not suggesting that this needs to be copied, as I don’t know that it’s a model that can be replicated. I just wonder why it isn’t discussed in more matter-of-fact fashion. People either seem bored by this notion as if it were inevitable or stunned by it as if it’s totally not believable.

Well what do you think?



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