Obamanos Day Two: Webcomics

Obama!  It’s day two of your presidency… why haven’t you solved global warming yet!!  How about some webcomic-y news in the meantime:

Kris Straub has a really good post on why he essentially did a reboot of his comic Starslip recently.  For anyone hoping to have a popular strip the advice on "the pitch" is well worth reading.

Brian Warmoth has an interview with Jon Rosenberg of Goats.

An interview with Zach Weiner of the screamingly funny Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal.

Ping Teo takes a look at Shi Long Pang.

Herve St Louis has an article on his definition of comics which includes a survey of other approaches as well.

Lea Hernandez has a new website at http://divalea.net/.

Has anyone used this site called Komix! – it appears to be a piperka type of comics update/reader.


Xaviar Xerexes

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