Oh, nevermind, it’s only Sinfest leaving Keenspot

Er… Sinfest appears to have moved off Keenspot without much in the way of fanfare. There's a bit of a noise about it in the Sinfest forums at Keenspot, but no official communications as far as I can tell. Has anyone seen a press release or blog post about it?




  1. The Doom song rules.

    I can't leave. Nobody else can stand me.





  2. There are some killer house and techno remixes of The Doom Song out there. Sometimes I loop it for hours at a time while I'm working on comics.

  3. Just checking to see if invoking he-who-must-not-be-named still works…Â 🙂

    Actually where's Chris on this? I suppose he's holding off on commenting until San Diego but I know he's visited the site today (his name is showing up on the online users box on the right)… Any comments Mr. Crosby?


    Xaviar Xerexes

    Mad, Bad and Dangerous to Gnaw.

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