OMFG! Barack Obama is the next President of the United States!

I don’t talk politics on this site, but I will today.  I am amazed and thrilled that Barack Obama is now our president-elect and filled with a new confidence and hope that people of good will and faith in America can come together to solve our problems and build a better society for generations to come.  If you supported Obama don’t stop now — keep involved and speak up to make yourself heard.  Presidents and elected officials tend to do the right thing when they hear SUPPORT for the right thing.  And if you supported the other guy, remember we’re all Americans first and find ways to work together with your fellow citizens in this time of REALLY BIG PROBLEMS that need to be solved.

And to all of our non-United States readers, be patient with us.  The USA is a big ship and it’s going to take awhile to turn it around and get it set on a new course.


P.S.  I knew it was going to happen but I’m still amazed that my adopted home state of Virginia voted for Obama.  Wow…






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