One More SPXPo Post (with pictures)

One very cool thing about this year was running into the entire PV Comics team at SPXPo. It’s all over webcomicdom now that PV Comics is going to ditch subscriptions for free. Very briefly from talking with Logan DeAngelis of PV, I gather the new plan is to use free online to pump up the audiences for PV comics and entice some of that larger audience to buy PV comic books, both collections and anthologies (Logan stressed new comics in the books) printed up by ComiXpress, the on-demand print venture DeAngelis recently started up.

PV Comics Gang
From left to right that’s Logan DeAngelis, and I got nothing… I’m a horrible journalist folks!

One of PV Comics authors is Matt Johnson who does Dewclaw, a flash-based comic. He has a comic book out that is all new comic material, something he described as supplemental to the main webcomic. Something about this approach feels really right for some reason. Maybe because it preserves the centrality of the webcomic in the Dewclaw universe.

Matt Johnson holding up the Dewclaw book

DJ Coffman
DJ Coffman did not actually scowl the entire time I hung around the PV Comics corner. I don’t really know DJ that well but I’ve actually seen him at almost every comic convention I’ve ever gone to – all the way back to the Pittsburgh Con that I went to with the Altbrand crew.

Also chatted with Everything Jake’s Mike Rosenzweig which Mike has convinced me to go and give a new read to. He’s back to a full comic approach (he had woven in some novelization for awhile) and with a new high school-based story. At the same table as Mike was Ben Birdie who does Genre City which has slowly crept up to be one of my more recent favorites. Ben was a cool guy and I hope he finds an even larger audience next year.

Mike and Ben

I’m trying to recall some of the other cool moments: chatting with Keith Knight, saying hi to Roger Landridge, finding out there is a comic of Paul Auster’s City of Glass (how cool is that!), buying the Devils Panties book but missing meeting Jennie Breeden, buying Bill Roundy’s Super Power of Attorney mini (Roundy was a very funny guy and the woman next to him was also an amazing artist but I think I forgot her name just now). Buying a book from Matt Madsen – I had no idea who he was – now I know he’s Jessica Abel’s husband. Er, sorry Matt! Meeting Jason Thompson, The Stiff creator. Another excellant chat with Buzzboy’s John Gallagher. And picking up Rick Smith’s new comic, “temporary.”

Last but not least I talked briefly with Jenni Gregory who along with husband Barry runs O1 Comics which Comixpedia has probably not paid enough attention to yet. Jenni has the long-running webcomic Abby’s Menagerie as well as other comic projects underway.

Jenni Gregory


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