The PC Weenies featured in The Norm Magazine #7

Crossing over into print, The PC Weenies makes its first foray into comic books within the pages of The Norm Magazine #7, available this month in comic shops across the nation.

The PC Weenies webcomic, a single-panel ‘toon focusing on the trials and tribulations of the techie Weiner family, makes its comic book debut within the pages of The Norm Magazine #7, published by Michael Jantze.

The PC Weenies made its debut on the web in October 1998, and maintains a ‘three times a week’ update schedule. The single-panel comic encapsulates the slice-of-techie life as seen by the fictitious Weiner family, with a focus on the patriarch of the household: Bob Weiner – uber-geek incarnate.

The comic has appeared in print within the pages of UK’s What PC? Magazine, and, more recently, EE Times, the world’s largest Electronics Engineering trade publication. A chance meeting between creator Krishna M. Sadasivam and Michael Jantze last year led to The PC Weenies earning a slot within this month’s “The Norm Extra” feature, which spotlights up-and-coming webcomics. The event holds a special significance for Sadasivam, in that it represents the first time the PCW have appeared within the pages of a printed comic book. Check it out today!


Krishna Sadasivam