Penny Arcade Vs CAD?

Damn Good Comics blogger Mr Myth says:

Stunning upset of the day: It isn’t unheard of for two popular gaming strips to happen to make near identical jokes on the same day. What was a shock, however, was the realization that on this day, Ctrl+Alt+Del managed to thoroughly out-humor Penny Arcade.

Both make jokes about a Halo-branded Mountain Dew called "Game Fuel". I’m not that sure CAD (which goes for a more straight-forward parody of the concept of a main Halo character endorsing ever more ludicrous products) made me laugh more than Penny Arcade here. Penny Arcade, as usual, took an approach to this "joke" that wasn’t as expected as probably most gaming webcomics (including CAD) would do and it’s that "left turn" aspect to PA that usually gets me, even if I’m not super-familar with the videogame they’re mocking.

What do you think?


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