Penny Arcade vs The Norm!

Tycho from Penny Arcade comments on the San Diego Comicon and in particular singles out Michael Jantze of The Norm, a syndicated comic strip for some PA hazing:

I wanted to apologize to everyone who attended the Syndication panel on Sunday, at least, apologize to those who survived that guy from The Norm’s fucking interminable sermons. He was so boring that I literally thought I would die if he didn’t shut up. Maybe his strip is the bee’s knees, I honestly don’t care, but I have serious doubts regarding that man’s ability to evoke joy.

Like all old people, he is convinced that his suffering is somehow more genuine, his wisdom more relevant, or his victories more enduring than those of younger people. Things got underway with Gabe saying that syndication was “worthless,” and things degenerated from there. The Social Entropy forum tried to interject some lighthearted amusement into those dire proceedings, but the deck was stacked against them. The man absorbs and annihilates humor.

I briefly met Jantze at SPXPo last year. He seemed, well not what Tycho said anyhow. I like The Norm myself but I guess I wouldn’t be shocked if someone like Jantze was a bit bitter about traditonal newspaper syndication when said someone was trying to make a living off of that fuckedanddying business model.


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