Perhaps Amanda Should Think About Wearing More Office-Appropriate Clothing

Alternative Press Expo (APE) is this weekend in the San Francisco Bay Area!

The Daily Cross Hatch is having an "Indie Costume Contest."  Cool idea! Also make sure Daily Cross Hatch is on your reading list — it’s my new favorite blog for 2009.

Jeff Eaton has a short post up about his firm’s work behind the scenes on Zuda’s website.  Drupal is a CMS (ComixTALK has used it since 2006) that I love but as of yet it doesn’t have the plug n’ play type installs available to support webcomics like WordPress does. reports that Marvel is on the 3.0 version of its online reader – this is for its subscription service to part of its comic book library.

Mike Dawson has put his comedy comic book series Gabagool online.  Looks a little Pete Bagge-influenced from the artwork — looking forward to checking it out.

CBR has an interview with Tom Siddell on the release of the second print collection of his webcomic Gunnerkrigg Court.


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