PHPComic 2.0 is a POSTpn Comics Display Tool

PHPComic 2.0 is a POSTpn module for grabbing comics from the web and displaying them in a POSTpn managed site (Comixpedia is a POSTpn managed site btw).

Although this raises all of the issues debated during the Comictastic news stories, this module, for what it’s worth, does seem to include a link to the comic’s website. It also has a somewhat active support forum which might provide an opportunity to suggest creator-friendly improvements to the folks behind this piece of code.

Or to learn if there’s a way to block it, if you don’t want your work displayed via this means of publication.

Xaviar Xerexes

Wandering webcomic ronin. Created Comixpedia (2002-2005) and ComixTalk (2006-2012; 2016-?). Made a lot of unfinished comics and novels.