Platinum Studios Seeks Interns While Sign-Ups for Wizard World Texas Is Still On

This is pretty old news but for those of you who don’t know, Platinum Studios is seeking two individuals who might be interested in an internship at their LA headquarters. Hours and days are flexible but it must be on a weekday as the office is not open on weekends. It’s an unpaid internship but it is an opportunity to gain some experience and network with other people. More information can be found at the link above.

Meanwhile sign-ups for the DrunkDuck Wizard World Texas Artist Alley is still open but it’s now "standing room only." The reserved tables are now at their maximum capacity of four per table so while sign-ups are still welcomed, there’s no guaranteed table at this point. However DrunkDuck artists are pretty nice and in the past people have shared tables and traded spaces.

This is the last Wizard World of the year and will take place from November 16th-18th. There will be webcomic panels, good old fashion networking, free lunches, games, and comic jams. So if you’re in the neighbourhood, don’t forget to stop by!