In this Post! D.J Coffman, Jon Rosenberg, Jason Little, Amy Pearson and Matt Madden

Shaping up to be an interesting week in comics:

Jason Little’s Motel Art Improvement Service wrapped up today.  It was a very well done sequel to the first Bee story.  The somewhat sudden ending is still surprising to me but the middle three panels of the last installment are masterfully done.

D.J. Coffman writes about warning signs that Diamond may be in trouble and speculates on it’s implications for the future of the direct market for comic books.

Johnanna Carlson writes a negative review of Jon Rosenberg’s new Goats book and then the two of them exchange polite remarks in the comments.  Always nice to see a little civility on the Internets.  I haven’t read the book so I can’t offer a contrasting view I’d like to offer up a quote from Carlson’s review that was meant critcally, but that I think is actually a pretty good way of describing Goats positively:

The point seems to be the dialogue more than the events. The characters talk a lot. The art is serviceable but not particularly attractive, and it’s often pretty static

That’s always been the case with Goats – even more recently when the comic has had actual plot and science fiction trappings.  Rosenberg is the Kevin Smith of webcartoonists.

An interview with Amy Pearson of the comic Mathema which started off on Zuda but now appears on Pearson’s own site.

Matt Madden recently offered up an exercise in comic improvisation you might want to take a crack at.


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