The Post In Which Xerexes Catches Up On Various Webcomic News Items

iWEBCOMICS: So the new iPad 3 is out and it has a gloriously densely pixelated screen – RETINA-VISION or some such marketing moniker.  Of course I think this bodes well for comics. It doesn't mean legacy publishers won't continue to bobble their opportunities but for everyone not tied to the direct market, printed past, this is the best of times.  As far as digital goes I thought it pretty good news that Mark Waid is embracing digital and selling off his comic book collection, if not effective at raising funds is still a keen meta-commitment to his new direction

KICKSTART A WHOLE LOT OF ART: I blogged about some webcomic kickstarter projects yesterday.  I saw this morning that FLEEN had done some actual number crunching on recent Kickstarter activity — worth perusing!

FINDING NEMO WEBCOMICS:  I also heard about Just the First Frame from Fleen and it's a nifty idea.  Time always tells whether it's a practical idea that one can use on a daily, regular basis but I'm intrigued enough to play with it.  Finding webcomics — filtering — well it IS the problem for the reader today. This site's approach is to show the first panel of a comic so that you can click through to it.  It doesn't really do any recommendation though and the guy behind the curtain is creating the panels manually (crop and paste) so I wonder how long it will be around.

MAILBAG: Lee writes that his webcomic, RiGBY, is updating on a regular basis again.  Update were slow for awhile when he was working on the new Screamland series for Image Comics.  That series has since concluded, and updates to RiGBY are now back 3 times a week.


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