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10 February
Missing a Part of My Blog-Brain – January Thoughts
Now that we’re sorta/kinda past the server crash (still lots of clean-up to do) I’m realizing more of what was lost.

All of the blog entries that looked at the flare-up over the CTRL-ALT-DEL and Little Gamer reviews and the Little Gamer comics are gone. I wish I had those back. I also started blogging some quick hits on Modern Tales comics – I actually had time to catch up on my comics reading before the shiznit hit the fazan with our webhost.

January is a big hole in the archives still. From what I understand we have all of the articles and can get them back up but sadly many of the comments to articles may be gone. I’ll miss the “you suxxx, Comixpedia llamas” comments the most….

Drinking a bottle of coca-cola for dinner isn’t really satisfying is it?

I tried to get the blog entries showing up in the Recent Blogging box on the front page of Comixpedia today but for some reason it’s only showing the oldest entry from the blog. Weird. There has to be an obvious entry but I haven’t found it yet. Anyone want to look at the RSS feed from this blog and tell me if it’s that – otherwise it must be the RSS Feed Reader in Postnuke. On the other hand the pre-crash blog was run out of PHPBlog (or something like that) and the Recent Blog Box worked just fine so I’m thinking it must be something to do with this new-fangled NUCLEUS blogging software. It was a tough call – can’t use Moveable Type because of the licensing so it seemed like Nucleus or B2Evolution or WordPress would be a good second choice. Anyone have a strong opinion about any of these blog packages?
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Tuesday Blogging
Well it looks like we’re back on the air. Third time is the charm right? Anyhow we are back, hopefully on a stable and useful server. We’re using Bluewho if you’re curious. We used Httpeasy until they (accidently, to be fair) took their setup (they had 4 machines in a raid array I believe) down, down, down in a burning ring of smoking doo-doo.

So the needle and the damage done? Lost a good chunk of January and February, pre-crash. We’re getting all of the articles back up – February is back up, but January may take a bit. On the bright side I am earning my webmonkey stripes. Or something like that.
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09 February
Resurrecting the Comixpedia Archives
We tried using a module for Postnuke called EWBlog but it seems to overtax the MySQL database so I’m just going to handcraft the archives again. I just did Feburary 2003, our first issue, as a trial run. The Economics of Webcomics article by T Campbell is still a good read. Lots of folks have read that one and quite a few commented. Not as many as we got in January for the gamer comic reviews but still quite a few… We also had features from Shaenon Garrity (The Art of Shiga) and Jim Zubkavich (Look Who’s Reading Comics Now) – two great cartoonists who also have been valuable contributors to the Comixpedia project.

I also see that we reviewed Nowhere Girl, Bite Me! and Movie Comics. Movie Comics, unbeknownst to me at the time, has proved to be an unexpectedly controversial comic both in terms of its interaction with uber-popular Penny Arcade and people’s love/hate reaction to it.

I also note how we had first a cover from Cat Garza and for March we had one from Jeff Rowland. At the time the Keen/Modern Tales split in webcomics was a bit more prevalent and I thought it was nice how we immediately got both sides into the “tent”. (I know Jeff Rowland is not on Keen now but When I Grow Up was on Keen for quite awhile).


Aargh! Fingers cramping up – must stop. Okay, we’ve got Feb-Mar 2003 and Feb 2004 archives up. Hopefully I’ll have it all fixed up by sometime this week.
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