The Boston Comics Roundtable, in partnership with River Bird Studios, is pleased to announce the release of the premier issue of Outbound, a Science Fiction anthology. Outbound is a spin-off of sister publication Inbound, the anthology of comics from Boston. Outbound contains comics and short stories from a mix of Boston-based creators and artists all over the world, from Australia to South America, including a cover from talented Uruguayan artist Marcelo Buchelli.

Outbound #1 retails for US$ 6.99 and is available in every comic book retail location in the greater Boston area and online at Outbound is also distributed nationally by Direct Comic Book Service and Heavy Ink

The Boston Comics Roundtable was created in 2006 and has produced three issues of the Inbound comics anthology. Outbound is the Roundtable’s second ongoing series and its first foray into science fiction territory. The release of Outbound marks an exciting new chapter for the Boston Comics Roundtable and for the science fiction genre. Fans can expect new issues of Outbound every six months.

Outbound is the brainchild of Roundtable member and Inbound contributor, Roho, the principal of River Bird Studios. More information and publications from the Boston Comics Roundtable can be found at River Bird Studios is located on the web at

Each of the comic stories in Outbound #1 will be serialized, with new ongoing stories premiering in each subsequent issue. Issue #1 contents include:

  • “The Caerulean Dream” by Roho and Brett Barkley.
  • “Space and Time” by Josh Mills, Michael Paoloni, and Alexandra Mills,
  • with chapter cover by David Newbold.
  • “The Null Device” by David Marshall.
  • “Flek” by Erik Heumiller.
  • “Scientists Gone Wild” by Eric Boeker.
  • “Mark and the Aliens” by Aya Rothwell.
  • “Black Fuska” by Roho, with chapter cover by Richard Jenkins.
  • Special sneak preview of “The New Kid” by Dan Mazur (to premier in Outbound #2).
  • Outbound #1 also includes two tales of short fiction:
  • “Breezes of Heaven” by Joe Cannon, with art by Paul Marquis.
  • “How I Learned to Tolerate Vegemite” by Aya Rothwell, with art by the author.

And rounding up the issue as extra bonus features:

  • Marsnik 6 Paper Model by Marcel Sirer, with design by Roho.
  • An interview with Sandy Collora, director of the independent science fiction movie “Hunter/Prey”.
  • Endcap essay by Hugo-nominated author Michael A. Burstein.

The Boston Comics Roundtable is an independent organization of comics creators in the Greater Boston area. The group meets weekly to workshop, educate, and network. Meetings are open to the public. Information regarding publications, artist galleries, and meetings can be found at


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