Printed Version of Walking the Lethe Available for Pre-Order

Daniel and Amanda Potter were guest bloggers at ComixTalk this past August.  Daniel's webcomic Walking The Lethe is coming as a print graphic novel.  It's written by Dan and the first two chapters are painted by Sam Ireland and the second half of the book is illustrated by Aditia Wardhana.  Walking the Lethe Volume #1 encompasses the first four chapters of main character Richard Harrison's journey to win back his wife from her untimely death:

He will scour the afterlife until he finds her and will break down the heavenly gates if that’s what it takes. This first volume takes him from his home in Boston Mass, through the shadowscape and into America’s mountains of faith, the ghosts of the Twin Towers.   All the while, Angels and Demons battle over the fate of his journey.

Walking the Lethe Volume 1 is available for pre-order for 15 euros (not sure what the exchange rate to US dollars is but I'd guess this is about $20?) — the price goes up on September 19th.


Xaviar Xerexes

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