Product Placement in Webcomics

Lore writes about how two webcomics creators just received free Sumo beanbags and subsequently posted about it on their well-trafficed websites:

Scott Kurtz posts on PvP that he got a free sample beanbag from Sumo Lounge and he loves it. The same day, Tim Buckley posts on Ctrl+Alt+Del that he got a beanbag from Sumo — he doesn't say where he got it — and he likes it. Not casting aspersions here, I just think it's interesting that the "send free stuff and hope for a good review" approach is moving beyond the video games and accessories you'd expect to be associated with a gaming comic. Maybe in the near future Kutrz, Buckley, and company will be able to outfit a small apartment or clubhouse with free swag, just for doing their things.

It does seem to me you should disclose this kind of free swag if you're going to endorse it (which Kurtz did). Otherwise it's interesting as another bit of evidence that perhaps some webcomics are – in marketing speak – influencers.


Xaviar Xerexes

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