PV Comics Expands for 2005

PV Comics is expanding and adapting for the new year.

“We were having so much fun, we decided add more creators to the ranks of our online and print comics” said Logan DeAngelis, founder of PV Comics. In moving towards a print focus late last year, PV has published eight books, including the recently available, VOID #2, the second in their flagship anthology title.

VOID Editor, Matt Johnson said, “The VOID anthologies are our way to showcase the talent we have available at PV and to introduce readers to our stories. Because of that, we’re making a point of making them available at ComiXpress.com as soon as they’re ready to print. Its a great way for readers to discover what PV is about.”

To support the print books, PV is also going full steam ahead with brand new weekly and monthly comics including new titles like FREE LUNCH by Joe Dunn, MATRICULATED by Joe Dunn and Phil Chan, and FISH TANK TANGO by Irvsher Fabor – all of which are already running. Coming soon is DAEDALUS BLUE by John Aggs and Chuck Morrison’s long-running series QUANTUM joins the line-up on 3/1/05.

What’s in store for the future?

“More print comics,” said Jay Mcleod, PV Comics Sales Manager. “Our goal in the coming months is to offer retailers the opportunity to carry many of our quality titles from PV Comics, while continuing the tradition of hosting many great webcomics currently available, starting with Atland #1.” The first ATLAND collection is already finished and due out in early summer in your local comic shop.