PvP Comic Book Goes Monthly

Scott Kurtz’s PvP will be moving from a bi-monthly to a monthly schedule beginning this July. The move, starting with PvP #9, follows the June release of the first PVP trade paperback, which collects the first six issues of the Image comic. While not entirely unexpected, the success of PVP at Image has delighted Kurtz, and the move to monthly status is an tribute to that success.

“I can’t believe I just finished my first year with Image Comics,” said Kurtz. “I was so terrified the market wouldn’t support a black-and-white humor book that Frank Cho didn’t draw, but lo and behold, sales have been great and reaction has been overwhelming. Retailers and fans alike have been asking me to go monthly, and I finally feel secure enough to take that plunge.”

Kurtz’s popular online comic strip revolves around the staff of a gaming magazine (including a big blue troll intern named Skull) and their day-to-day adventures. Each issue of PvP collects 22 pages of strips in the same “sideways” landscape format as Frank Cho’s LIBERTY MEADOWS.

Image Comics Managing Editor Eric Stephenson is delighted to have PvP under the Image banner. “We’re couldn’t be happier for Scott and PvP, and we’re excited that the comic has been able to build its readership from its early days on the Web. That’s not an easy feat for a humor book in today’s market!”

Kurtz says PvP has given him a personal creative outlet without forcing him to make editorial concessions.

“Image has fulfilled my dream of being a newspaper cartoonist but, unlike the syndicates, they aren’t demanding my soul in return. When people read PvP, I want them to remember the days when they looked forward to reading the funny pages. Just like the comics page, every issue of PvP is a great jumping-on point,” Kurtz said.

When pressed on the subject, Kurtz revealed his true motivation for the move to monthly. “You can actually blame Geoff Johns and Robert Kirkman,” he explained. “Both of them have been calling me stupid for not going monthly sooner. Hey, kids! Johns and Kirkman read PvP, why aren’t you?”

PvP #9 is available for order in the May issue of Previews and goes on sale July 21.


PvP Comic Schedule:

PvP #7 – On sale early May
PvP #8, PvP at large (Trade paperback) – On sale in June. Two releases in June!

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