PvP Guest Week Back On!

From Phalanx comes the news regarding PVP guest week:

Following the recent controversy where Scott Kurtz offered free syndication of PvP to the newspapers, Scott announced on his website that he was cutting short the currently-running guest-strip week. This move was to counter the confusion caused by new readers checking out the PvP site and mistaking the guest strips for ‘The Real PvP’.

The decision to cut short Guest Week 2004, however, resulted in disappointment from the various artists who had already submitted their work and were patiently waiting to see it on PvP. A few hours and upset letters later, Scott followed up with another announcement, this time stating that Guest Week 2004 would indeed, continue as planned. Normal episodes of PvP will be resuming on Saturday.

Amongst the list of people who joined in PvP Guest Week are several well-known comic creators, including Count Your Sheep‘s Adrian Ramos and Fantastic Four artist Mike Wieringo.


Xaviar Xerexes

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