Quality VERSUS Quantity?

A good debate on quality versus quantity over at this Comicon thread. Obviously a better comic is better than a not as good comic but as creators come from different backgrounds to the wide-open spaces of the web it’s worth revisiting every basic assumption about formats, schedules, and conceptualizing new “boxes” for presenting webcomics to the audience.

Newspaper strip artists start off with the idea of mimicking the Monday through Friday (sometimes with the weekend added) grind of a newspaper schedule and comic book creators may instinctively produce a larger monthly or bi-monthly update. Their webcomics may look a lot like their offline analogues as well.

Don’t forget to ask yourself why. The webcomic is a double-edged sword for the creator willing to take advantage not just of the publishing platform the Internet provides, but the artistic possibilities of this new medium. You are no longer boxed-in by the artistic and business constraints of the offline medium you’ve come from. There is considerable freedom in webcomicland and that is full of possibility and challenge.


Xaviar Xerexes

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