A Quick MOCCA Weekend Update

Man what a week.  Well I almost got furloughed by the elected representatives of these ol' fifty states and a district yesterday.  I woke up this morning to learn that they had figured something out so back to work on Monday. While this is probably for the best part of me was looking forward to stories about the one dude left working who was going to have to answer the phone for the whole federal government of the United States.

So mea culpa but I never got around to posting about MOCCA which is GOING ON RIGHT NOW IN New York City! It looks as usual to be a great show with a lot of the local comics talent (including the very talented members of Pizza Island) exhibiting or paneling.

Charles Snow is debuting his new graphic novel Road  at MoCCA this weekend. Snow describes Road as "a story of sex, faith, music, and adventure a long way from home. Local indie rock band Owns Big Mecha are hitting the road. They’re dedicated to rock & roll, but are they ready for what lies ahead?"  I reviewed a preview copy at the end of last year.


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