A Quick Review of the Dead Tree Version of Dash Shaw’s Body World

Body World by Dash Shaw

I finally got around to reading the paper version of Body World by Dash Shaw.  It's an absolutely beautiful book from publisher Pantheon and presents the webcomic in book form extremely well.

As to the comic itself, it's a great thrill ride through a creepy little world with a fantastic character named Paulie Panther who is a professional researcher for the Encyclopedia of the Hallucinogenic Effects of North American Plant Life and a world class narcissistic creep. That alone would make a great comic but Shaw fills up Body World with so many more weird touches including the central plot gimmick, a strange plant that when smoked lets people transfer consciousness to each other.  Body World is a bit like David Lynch and Stephen King made a webcomic — it's disturbing but engrossing and very much worth giving it a read.


Xaviar Xerexes

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