Real Life Reaches 1000 strips

Real Life, the popular comic by Greg Dean, has reached the milestone of 1,000 strips. To celebrate the occasion, the author has made a special strip, with a twist ending.

Since leaving Keenspot a few months ago, Real Life continues to venture forth in new ways. Anime Tourist has a transcript of Greg’s and Piro’s panel at Comicon.

Some interesting snips from the transcript:

Greg Dean gave Scott Kurtz a sword (from Swords Online). The idea of Kurtz armed is scaring me folks.

How do you pronounce PIRO?
Fred: For the one million, one thousand one hundred and sixty whatever thousandth time, it is ‘Pi Ro’ [pir-low]. It is a very Japanese pronunciation.

Audience: Fred, any news about the second book?

Fred: Ah, yes the second book question which I was expecting. Right now there is no information or anything going on with that. It is something that I am looking into. There is no question that what fans have been telling me is that they really want a second book. I am going to do everything that I can to make sure that there is a second book. Because of the way that fans have bought the first book and the fact that we can fill a convention hall room plus and have con security come by to ask what are you doing in your booth over here in the back end. Things like that gives us the ability to look towards other publishers, possibly, in moving forward with the book. There is nothing going on right now, because I am basically not doing book 2 with my former publisher.

Audience: Greg, have you thought about putting your comic in print?

Greg: Actually yeah. The end of next month, August 29th, Real Life Vol. 1 should be out. It actually has a little bit more of the first year. The first year ends in the middle of a story line, so I finished up the shoreline. It has also the first year’s worth of the forge, in color. It has a couple of extras that I did, stuff like commentary. That is August 29th. That is with IC entertainment.

Dom: He has also previously been published in something you might not have seen: Leet Comics for Gamers from Keenspot.