Reinder’s Post Called Albatrosses: New Stuff Versus Refining Old Stuff

I read Reinder's post called "Albatrosses" this morning and man I bet that's a common issue (I know it's exactly the kinds of thoughts I've gone through when contemplating taking on another webcomic project).

On Friday, I had a longish talk with my brother about his creative endeavours and mine. He mentioned that whatever he planned to do, he'd find himself losing interest and not finishing it. What I found interesting was that the sort of projects he mentioned as examples were things like cleaning up and remixing old recordings of the various bands he was in, editing videos he had lying around unfinished, and other projects that involved a lot of digging through old stuff, cataloguing it, improving what already exists, trying to finish what didn't get done when it should have been. Hearing that was like having a mirror held up to me – it's exactly what I've been doing for over a year, and I'm heartily sick of it.

Read the whole post – it's thoughtful and has some links to stuff Reinder has actually finished and is posting!


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